ECOntACT aims to:


cooperation projects in order to support the 'self-determination and the development of peoples, using the work of technicians and cooperating Association;

implement training initiatives, planning, implementation and management of activities for environmental protection and the use of engineering techniques appropriate for better management of land resources, both in Italy and abroad;

implement initiatives to raise awareness on environmental protection and on the causes of social inequalities, economic and access resources in Italy and abroad;

promote and encourage awareness of the societies and cultures of the countries where projects are undertaken in cooperation;

develop partnerships and projects with private and public organizations, associations and national and international bodies to achieve the aims of the Association;


ECOntACT is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent.


E 'consists of engineers who believe in the overall development of the quality of life, achieved through projects that take as a reference the respect of culture, the identity of each people, awareness, education, research and the application of most appropriate techniques for better management of land resources.


Members of ECOntACT have work experience in various fields of engineering, in cooperation, implementation and management of projects locally and internationally and strongly believe in ethical value of their work.


The idea behind the association is to make available to associations, NGOs, government and citizenship, the skills and expertise of its members, particularly in the technical field.

Cooperazione Internazionale

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